How We Save You Real Money

We all know the true savings for any locator is the time spent on the locate (not the few cents it costs to dispose of a can). And we all know that time is money and more trips to the truck means more time (and money) wasted. Combining the largest tip size, the highest delivery rate (with NO CLOGGING) and the highest amount of pigment (with NO FILLERS), Krylon Industrial Marking Paint delivers a solid, 2" mark in ONE pass. This not only reduces the number of cans needed, but also the number of trips to the truck to change out the cans (saving you REAL MONEY). Don’t believe us? Use the Calculator Tool below and see how much you could save.

100 100,000

Brand R Bag

Inverted Marking Paint

33,333 containers used per year

Krylon Industrial 17oz

Inverted Marking Paint

12,500 containers used per year
Labor Savings $12,587
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Total Number Of Change-Outs Used In One (1) Year
Total Minutes To Change Out One Container
Total Hours To Change Out One Container
Total Labor Costs
Total Change-Outs
Total Labor Cost
Purchase Savings $113,667
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$4.00 *
Price of a Single Container
Total Purchase Cost
No. of Cans Used
Total Cost of Cans
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Cost of Disposal For Each Container
Total Disposal Cost
No. of Cans Used
Total Cost of Cans
You Could Save
  • In order to break even you would have to pay $0.13 per can instead of your current $4.00.
  • Don't believe us?
    Click here to plug in $0.13 for your price of a single container.

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